Szalag = Ribbon Szalagavató = A ceremony where senior High School students receive a ribbon. Why the vocab lesson? Well, I am trying to explain what a Szalagavató is, because I attended one last weekend…but I think a simple definition does not do the celebration justice. Let’s start at the beginning: A few weeks ago Bethany … Continue reading

I’m back!

A new year. A new shot at being a consistent blogger 🙂 I have had plenty of things to share, but not the time… enough with excuses! 🙂 Here is a quick update about life in Hungary: It is snowing like crazy! The snow makes everything, beautiful, exciting, fun… well, and sometimes a little inconvenient … Continue reading

Lovin Life.

all my days were written in Your book and planned before a single one of them began. Psalm 139:16   One year ago today, I started training and then moved to Hungary and I am loving life. 🙂 I’m not necessarily “loving life” because everything is perfect and going great… there are good days and … Continue reading

Győr, Trains & Ministry

I just got back from a quick trip to Győr to visit friends, teammates and talk about ministry. Taking the train from Nagykanizsa (where I live now) to Győr is normally a 3 hour drive by car… and can be 6 hours by train… and yes, I took the train. 🙂   I love visiting Győr. It’s … Continue reading

Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time, I started a blog and actually shared what’s going on in my life while in Hungary. I have had more than enough to write about, but it looks like I just got too busy… So, here I am! Back on track. 🙂 The latest thing happening here in Hungary is that … Continue reading

Giant Shout Out!

This post is dedicated to all those who care for and love on others: Simply a Giant Shout Out to let you know how much you are appreciated! I recently read an article by Mark Rogers on The Gospel Coalition blog. He emailed several missionaries to find practical ways to encourage them. If you are looking … Continue reading

Europe, Good News & Coffee.

Today begins a 3-day focused time of prayer for the European Peoples. Being that I am German, grew up in Germany… and am now serving in Hungary, you can imagine the urgency I feel for this time of focused prayer. Two thoughts from me today concerning prayer for Europe… Europe, Good News & Coffee. I … Continue reading

Holidays: check.

I have now officially been through my first set of holidays here in Hungary and I must admit – It’s been great! Christmas Highlights: Invite to make Mézeskalác (a type of honey/gingerbread cookie). A sweet family had Bethany and me over to show us how to make these cookies and then we decorated them with … Continue reading

Only 10 days…

Only 10 days have passed and I already have 5 things I want share with you: 1. Thanksgiving in Budapest Thanksgiving in Budapest was great. We met with several other American missionaries for a traditional Thanksgiving meal. Everyone brought a different dish. I made sweet potato casserole from scratch, which was a first for me. While … Continue reading